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Holding Commercial Drivers and Tractor-Trailer Companies Liable

A small car is no match for a large, heavy big-rig. When the vehicles collide, the occupants of the smaller car often suffer severe or deadly injuries. Gunterfirm has spent the past 18 years advocating for victims injured in collisions with tractor-trailers, garbage trucks, delivery vehicles, construction machinery and other commercial vehicles in Naples and Fort Myers. Our firm has the resources and experience to take on the most challenging tractor-trailer accident claims.

We can help you recover compensation from the trucking company and the driver responsible for your injuries or the death of your loved one. We are as compassionate toward our clients as we are aggressive toward our opponents and we do all we can to ease the difficulties you face after you sustain a debilitating injury or lose your beloved family member.

Driver Errors the Result in 18-Wheeler Crashes

Driving an 18-wheeler takes skill, responsibility and concentration. Drivers who lack training, behave recklessly or drive in a compromised state put the public at risk of catastrophic injuries. During our law firm’s 18 years of practice, we have handled cases involving a variety of driver errors, including:

  • Fatigue or sleep-deprivation
  • Intoxication on alcohol or drugs
  • Distractions
  • Speeding
  • Driving too fast for the road conditions
  • Reckless driving, including tailgating
  • Unsecured load
  • Poor training or inadequate experience
  • Excessive moving violations

Regulations Affecting Commercial Drivers

To protect the public from accidents, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the state of Florida impose strict safety regulations on commercial drivers, including.

  • Hours of Service Violations: The FMCSA regulates the hours of service a commercial driver can drive and otherwise work during a workweek and mandates rest breaks. These laws are designed to keep tired drivers off the road.
  • Cellphone Use and Texting: According to FMCSA rules, commercial drivers are not permitted to text, dial a phone or otherwise use a handheld device while operating a commercial vehicle.
  • DUI: A commercial driver is presumed intoxicated at a blood alcohol concentration of .04 percent, as opposed to .08 percent for most other drivers, under Florida Statutes.

Trucking Company Liability

The employer is usually liable for its driver’s mistakes through the concept of vicarious liability. The trucking corporation may also directly bear responsibility for the accident by pressuring the driver to speed, forgo sleep or take stimulants to deliver a load to its destination on time. In addition, the trucking company may also be liable for a shifting or overweight load or poorly maintained vehicle. Our Naples Truck accident attorney, therefore, typically sues the trucking company and the driver in a tractor-trailer crash case.

Recover Damages from Negligent Trucking Corporations and Truck Drivers

Gunterfirm helps you recover for injuries you sustained in a collision with a commercial vehicle in the Southwest Florida area. Call our personal injury law firm today at 239.334.7017 to schedule your free, no-risk claims evaluation. Our law firm arranges a contingency plan that allows you to only pay if and when we recover for your injuries.

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