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You encounter thousands of products every day, while in your home, office, on the road and in public. Yet, you do not constantly worry about whether you or your loved one will be severely injured from these products. That is because corporations have a duty to design, manufacture and sell safe products. The failure to meet this obligation is the basis for products liability.

Gunterfirm represents Florida consumers who have sustained injuries from defective products. Our firm has 18 years of experience and the technical knowledge to prove complicated defective products claims.

Proving Your Liability Claim

One or more of the companies responsible for the defective product reaching your home may be held liable for injuries you sustained. Commonly, these companies point the finger at each other and at the victim. Our firm fully investigates your claim to prove who is responsible for injuries resulting from:

  • Design defect: Sometimes the defect may be inherent in the design of the product. Even if it is produced according to specifications, the product can cause harm. In this case, all of the particular product would be dangerous to consumers.
  • Manufacturing defect: Most products liability claims are based on manufacturing defects, when something goes wrong during the manufacturing process, such as a missing part, tainted food or faulty wiring of an appliance.
  • Failure to warn: Companies have a duty to warn you about dangers associated with the product and to provide instructions for safe use.

Countering Products Liability Defenses

After 18 years, attorney Gunter has heard the many excuses presented by corporations faced with financial liability for their defective products, including:

  • The consumer used the product in an unsafe manner
  • The consumer failed to follow directions
  • Injuries were caused by something other than the product
  • The injuries are minor

Our Naples defective product attorney effectively counters these claims with evidence gathered during our investigation and expert testimony from medical, engineering, manufacturing and other professionals with whom we consult.

Fighting Corporate Giants

Our firm takes on complicated products liability claims involving numerous dangerous defective products on the market, including:

  • Tires and other auto parts
  • Children’s furniture and toys
  • Playground equipment
  • Tainted meats and other foods
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Household cleaning products
  • Lawn equipment
  • Heavy machinery
  • Small appliances

Most manufacturing corporations have a legal team focused on mitigating damages when their products fail instead of paying victims what they deserve. Attorney Gunter holds these corporate giants accountable for their negligence that hurt you or your family member. If the manufacturer refuses to pay the damages you are entitled to, our lawyer does not hesitate to recommend trial.

Recover Compensation for Injuries Caused by a Defective Product

Gunterfirm can help you recover for injuries caused by a defective or dangerous product. For more information about your rights and options, schedule an appointment with us today by calling 239.334.7017. Because our firm takes your case on a contingency fee basis, and offers you a free initial consultation, there is no risk in talking to us about your claim.

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